Board of Directors


Executive Directors

- Mr. Ko Chun Hay Kelvin (Chairman)

- Mr. Chan Cho Chak (Chief Financial Officer)


Non-Executive Directors

- Mr. Yung On Wah (Vice Chairman)

- Ms. Wong Cheuk Wai Helena

- Mr. Li Kar Fai, Peter


Independent non-executive Director

- Mr. Chan Wing Fai

- Mr. Yeung Wai Lung

- Mr. Ng Man Li


About Us

Golden Faith Group Holdings Limited operates with its subsidiaries Cornwall Contracting Co. Ltd. and Cornwall Electrical Engineering Ltd. As an electrical contractor in the Hong Kong construction industry.  The engineering works undertaken by us are mainly Electrical and ELV installation works. Our work include management installation, supervising and testing of the Electrical and ELV installation to meet our customer’s requirement. We undertake projects in both public and private sectors which include residential and commercial buildings, institutional buildings, government buildings, hotels and hospitals.


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+852 3914 7316

Room 06, 36/F, Singga Commercial Centre, 144-151 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong

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